A lazy Sunday

One of my most fave days…slobbing around watching Netflix..bliss…the perfect way to spend a Sunday!!

I had a fab night last night, i stuck to my original outfit choice!! *high-five*, me & Anna did a little mini bar crawl around the Northern Quarter.  We started in Hula Tikki (i obviously had a Zombie!) and ended up in Night and Day Cafe two bars which i adore.  The only downfall to the evening is that i had that much of a good time i forgot to take any significant pictures lol!  I mean this is all i got..image[20]

At least it’s something right?

Today i started watching a new show on SKY called the Leftovers..what a midf***k, it’s so random, it made me feel like i was going out of mind because its so ambiguous.  Although it has made me feel like i’m going crazy, all i want to do now is watch the second ep!  I need to know more!  Watch more and find out why things are happening! Arghh! Haha it was a good watch though i would recommend so far…


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KimsTag is a #beauty, #fashion and #lifestyle #blog by Kimberley Stewart. Kimberley is an avid digital marketing student from Manchester having studied her undergraduate degree in advertising and Masters in #Marketing at The University of Salford.
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