I’ve got a secret…

One of my must have products is a concealer by Laura Mercier (Secret Camouflage)  I don’t even know how i discovered it but i’m glad that i did.  I don’t even bother with foundation anymore because i’ve become so obsessed with this concealer and won’t use anything else.  For me this product beats all of my foundations and is no dearer! winner winner!

So i’ll show you what i mean, i have a blemish that i’m trying to get rid of but it’s soooo stubborn and ive had it for ages, it’s slowly dissappearing but in the meantime i use my little secret camouflage.


These photos were taken in natural light so that the belmish could be seen a bit clearer.

Sometimes i will use mac powder just to eliminate and shininess that may occour, as i have oily skin.

Another must have of mine is supposed to be one of Kim K’s faves, i’m not too sure how true it is but i thought i’d try it.  It is amazing….


Anastasia’s Dipbrow Pomade

It’s descibed as a tinted, creamy formula which prides itself as waterproof, smudge proof and ideal for creating defined, natural-looking brows.
I got mine from sephora.com and will be buying more!!

I wasn’t blessed with the bestest brows but this product works wonders.  Also pairing it with Benefit They’re real Mascasra is a bonus.


So by using these two products i can transform my brows quickly and easily.


What i love about this poroduct is that you can add more and more and it doesn’t go all lumpy and horrible, it stays smooth and glides on perfectly.


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3 Responses to I’ve got a secret…

  1. VC says:

    Do you have any tips/tricks for the Secret Camouflage? I have it too, but haven’t been able to get great coverage like you did! Do you use a brush or fingers?


    • kimstag says:

      Yeah i know what you mean, I use my fingers more than i do a brush but when i do use a brush i use the MAC #130 Short Duo Fibre Brush. Also to help with blending I actually bought 2 palettes, so that i could have the option of four colours. In these particular pictures i did use my fingers and did a dabbing motion on the blemished area. Hope that helps you a bit 🙂


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