Denzel Delivers, Subway & Sunday Football

Denzel Delivers

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Happy Sunday everyone!  Soo last night i took a trip to the cinema to see Denzel’s new movie The Equalizer it was awesomeee!!! I loved every minute of it, at one point i was on the edge of my seat haha!  I don’t know whether i am being slightly biased as i am a massive DW fan!  I personally think it is a must see and i have seen a lot of movies!  This one is ranked pretty high for me.  I don’t want to say too much about it just in case you go and see it but I definitely recommend it if you like thrillers and Denzel lol.  All I will say though is that it was really strange seeing Hit Girl from Kick Ass (Chloë Grace Moretz) acting like she was all grown up. ;-/


Subway & Sunday Football

I love Sundays <3…me and Jack try and make an effort to watch my little bro play footie! Today Jack treated us to a Subway too.  Italian BMT on a herbs and cheese roll yum!  Bonus!!  My little bro won too so he was a happy chappy.


It started off cold this morning so I wrapped up in my Coat from MissSelfridge.  I also wore my Scarf(Newlook) Green Tank Top Top(RiverIsland) Jeans(TopShop) Shoes(Adidas) Bag(RiverIsland).  After about an hour the sun came out from behind the clouds and it was so hot.  Can’t beat a bit of sun on your face after it being cold though hey!

Happy Sunday – Have a nice one!

Kim XO

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