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I finally collected 12 empty mac containers…woohooo!! So I got to swap them for two new lipsticks!! Twig and Captive. I can’t wait to put them on, here they are;

I love pink lipstick maybe a little too much lol!

So yesterday was the student lock in, it was absolutely ridiculous!! The queues were massive, and every shop was absolutely rammed, I couldn’t even get my phone out of my handbag, plus I did have a bit of shopping (this is becoming the diary of a shopaholic). At one point I went to go and queue in new look to buy some leggings and there was a queue of about 250 people.  I couldn’t do it again as i had just been in a queue in Topshop for 45 mins.

I wish i could have taken more pics just to show how busy it actually was!!  It was immense!

Although everywhere was rammed, hot and sweaty I had a good time, the dj’s were amazing and were positioned all around town, even in the shops. Random shoppers were even dancing when soulja boy came on so that was entertaining haha!


And of course I got some bits and bobs but my main purchase were some open toe and open back ankle boots from Topshop.  They have been staring at me for weeks on end and last night was the final straw! Plus there was a 20% discount so why not! They are similar to the ones shown below but i will get a picture of them on as soon as possible, as i need to showcase them.  I rate them 5 out of 5 for comfort and the appearance, an all round good buy.

I love them cannot wait to get these bad boys on Grinning face with smiling eyesSmiling face with smiling eyes

Have a fab Wednesday and happy October!


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  1. Screammae says:

    I love the lipstick shades!! 🙂
    I’m a starting fashion blogger, feel free to check out my blog 🙂


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