So my virgin media has been down for a couple of days ;-( booo but it looks like it’s back up and running.  Also i have upgraded my internet, soooo hopefully it should be faster woop!  We all want faster internet right!?  I have also, how can i put this “invested” yes, that’s the best word… i have also invested ;-P in a mac air, something I’ve always longed for…someone please take me to retail rehab, if there is one haha!

Speaking of retail rehab, here are my new Topshop boots, that i mentioned in a previous post.  I love these boots they are the perfect height and they are so comfy.  i can see myself wearing them with a number of different outfits.  i actually wore them last night.


Boots & T-Shirt | TopShop  

Leggings | NewLook

This week has been pretty hectic, especially with uni, i am 2 weeks in (including the induction week) and i have two 3000 word essays to hand in, one in 2 weeks and one early November.  I’m not complaining but jeeeze! Haha, you’ve got to keep positive or you will go cray cray!  So for my first essay i have to discuss the 7P’s of the McDonald’s business marketing mix in India.  At least it’s an interesting subject, right?!


At the moment, this is what currently surrounds me! Papers and sharpies haha! I love me some sharpies though!  Plus they were a bargain! i got 24 sharpies from Sainsbury’s for £6.99.

I had a real good chill out last night with the boyf, we went to the cinema and had some good grub!  We went to see the new Ben Affleck movie Gone Girl.  It was pretty good actually, the trailer for it has been teasing me for a while haha.  I really enjoyed it except for the ending, i personally felt that it was a little bit rushed but apart form that a good watch.  The movie is based on the novel by Gillian Flynn, so it would be interesting to read it and compare the differences between the book and movie.

Ahhh, it’s so nice to be connected again, i’ve missed my bloggage…

Right. back to my essay I go…then I’m going out for a few cheeky cocktails as i’m off uni tomorrow 😉

Have a nice Sunday!



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