Lipsticks i’m Lovin’

I love lipsticks and i think i have too many, it’s just a shame that they do go off lol.  I like all different brands but what i go for is the colour and how my lips feel with the lipstick on.


This lipstick is by Sleek and is called Fuchsia.  I like the pink hue that this colour has, it’s so pretty just like the fuchsia plant.


This lipstick is called Rebel by MAC.  I was surprised by this lipstick, as i thought it was going to be really deep and dark but it is quite bright.


 Another lipstick by MAC, this is called Lovin’ It.  This is quite a nice natural shade.  It also has a nice sheen to it, it almost looks like i have gloss on.


 Another lipstick by Sleek called Mystic.  This is one of my faves and i presume most of the countries as it is constantly sold out!  It’s like fairy dust or something haha!  So if you like it, get it while you can!

My only problem with this lipstick, is that it dries your lips out a little. I use a tiny bit of lip vaseline just to moisten my lips.  You can also use a lip primer.


 This lipstick is by Nars and comes in the colour Gipsy.  I love this colour because it’s bright but not to garish.  It’s one of my favourite red lipstick that i have.

 When it comes to my quick everyday look i tend to stick to lip liners and gloss or just lip liner and vaseline.  I have bought many liners in the past but i am absolutely devoted and obsessed with the lip liners from No. 7.  I sometimes mix and match the colours to make a new colour or i just use one colour all over and the best thing is it lasts for hours!


So the lip liner used here comes in the colour Plum and the lip gloss is by Chanel and is called Scintillance.  I really love this lip gloss,  one of my friends got it me for my last birthday.  I don’t really buy lip gloss that often as i am more into lipsticks but this lip gloss is gorgeee it’s has such a lovely texture and colour,  It has tiny microscopic glittery bits in that shimmer when the light hits your lips.  I think i may get another colour 😉

 I added two more new colours to my collection yesterday (because i had a voucher) and they come in the colours Caramel (left) and Paprika (right).


 I have used both colours by themselves to achieve this lip look.

I also like these liners because they feel so light like you’re not wearing anything on your lips, so if you’re not a lipstick fan i definitely recommend these no.7 liners, they come in a variety of colours and last ages!

Thanks for stopping by….

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4 Responses to Lipsticks i’m Lovin’

  1. V says:

    Rebel looks beautiful


  2. Wow great lip colours! You suit all of them! Xx


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