I’m supposed to be doing my essay…

but I’m looking for backpacks!….Since i’ve started uni, i’ve been using a backpack but it’s such an old, tired sports one that Jack let me borrow.  I soo need to get my own.  I’ve seen quite a few actually but they have been quite pricey.  I’m looking for one for about £20 or less!  I’ve started building up pictures of ones that i like on Pinterest.  I thought i may aswell join it as i am a Pinterestvirgin haha, plus i like looking at pictures and being inspired.

I’m looking for a smart and simple backpack nothing too fancy (although i keep looking at really extravagant ones with tassels and glittery bits!)

I’m quite interested in this one from Topshop it comes in at £28


This one is from Asos and come in at £55 (out of my price range!!!) but it’s cute.


this one is also from Asos and comes in at £29.99 and i know it’s gold but it is so pretty!

bag 3

I will find the one..the search for the perfect backback must go on!


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KimsTag is a #beauty, #fashion and #lifestyle #blog by Kimberley Stewart. Kimberley is an avid digital marketing student from Manchester having studied her undergraduate degree in advertising and Masters in #Marketing at The University of Salford.
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4 Responses to I’m supposed to be doing my essay…

  1. The Sartorial Coquette says:

    Love these!! I hope you finish your essay soon (i know the feeling too well) ❤


  2. loststylemummyfound says:

    Definitely check out New Look for backpacks. When I was looking for inspiration I was pleasantly surprised at their selection and their prices. Plus I think I saw in their window they have 20% student discount at the moment! Bonus for you students x


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