Girly Night In Fail

For the past couple of days i have been in a world of my own, writing my essay for hours on end! Finally without further ado…i’m donee!! Eeeek! *jumps in air and clicks heels together*.  After all that i feel super run down! It’s not helped that i have stayed up until 4 am most nights trying to finish it! I ended up 1500 word over the limit! #facepalm.

Soo last friday i went out with a few friends, for a couple of drinks and a bite to eat followed by a girly night in..what a shambles it was!  After i had finished my carbonara, i ended up with an excruciating pain in my stomach, my friends looked at me and said omg are you okay??!! as i slumped across the chair like a slug, in the slug and lettuce. haha!

I literally threw my guts up all night! It wasn’t pretty! And to top it off i’ve just eaten an oven chip that tasted like cow manure! not that i’ve ever tasted cow poo but you know what i mean! Don’t even ask! i just hope i’m not sick again!

Any way apart from throwing up all friday night it was nice to socialise with friends, for the get together i wore my new TopShop boots and a dress from NewLook which i got in the sale for £6! bargain!


This dress is so comfortable as are the shoes, i was in so much pain at the time of this pic 😦


Vix wore | Top – UrbanOutfitters | Jeans – TopShop | Pumps – Primark


Anna wore | Dress – Asos | Scarf – Manchetser Boutique | Boot – Asos


The view on the walk to vix apartment! River Irwell…

I did have to get picked up later as i felt so rotten but i had a good time either way!


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