New Look Haul

At the minute i like wearing a little dress with ankle boots.  I don’t know why, i just like that combo at the moment ~ it’s my signature outfit.

So from New look i picked up a few beauties 😉

Both of these dresses were £19.99

I love these dresses because they are made from a stretchy material and are really soft.


The dress on the left was £10 in the sale and the one on the right was £17.99.


These boots, I picked up for £24.99, are so comfy and super cute.  I did the ultimate comfort test and walked to uni 50 minutes there and 50 minutes back.  Not one ounce of pain…perfection!  What i like the most about this version of the Chelsea boot is that they are slightly pointed and rounded at the front but not too bulky.


I am also addicted to tartan, i just love the colours and the pattern and not forgetting that shortbread packaging look ;-P


White and black – £ 17.99  | Green and Blue – £17.99 | Red and Blue – 12.99

I did go a bit cray cray of course, and got more than one pair of coloured checkered leggings. What am i like!


I also picked up this cute grey top for £14.99.  I have seen this top in different shops  such as TopShop, Primark and DP.  Also in different variations such as midi, shift, tunic, long-sleeved dresses.

I’ve also been looking for a backpack, i still haven’t found one but on a previous post loststylemummyfound suggested i look at New Look’s selection, i did and they have a mahooosive array of backpacks.  I ended up going into the Manchester store and looking at one a mannequin was holding…this is where i learned the “look but don’t touch” rule haha.  I’m just a recipe for disaster. Long story short the mannequins arm ended up falling off and i discretely slipped away from the scene of the crime, haha! Truth be told i actually explained what happened to a shopping assistant and she looked at me like i was bananas…apart from that I think ill be getting one from there.

I really recommend having a mooch around New Look at the moment, they have some really nice bits in.

Thanks for stopping by 😉


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2 Responses to New Look Haul

  1. Nice find! I love a good pair of ankle boots like this one here 🙂 xo~ Lena


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