Halloween makeup

FAIL…I didn’t want to put fail in another title haha but this one is ridiculous! i tried out my best possessed doll Halloween makeup look. I basically looked normal.  I actually drew my eyebrows on higher but I’m starting to think they looked pretty good at that height, what do you reckon…no? One of the children that we foster said to me, in a worried voice…”Kim, are you meant to be a monster or lion?”…i know a 5-year-old isn’t going to say…ahh yes…i think you’re  meant to be a possessed doll…but comeeee on a lion!…so i’m thinking it must have been bad, here are my results..


I don’t know whether its my facial expression or the makeup fail but every time i look at this picture i cant help but laugh, literally out loud haha!

So i text some of my friends with the pic so we could all have a good ol laugh at my attempts and then one of my friends texts me back saying “omg that’s so funny, i tried out my possessed doll look the other day too, i don’t think it’s good lol!” Well what an understatement hers looked amazing! i am definitely copying her look 😉 hopefully she doesn’t read this eek haha!

Laurens Halloween look.


I think I will still do this look but perfect it a bit maybe buy some proper face paint instead of using my Chanel! ;-/

I just wanted to do something different this year as I always dress up as a pirate haha! it’s easy and I’m lazy! ;-P

Hopefully your Halloween makeup looks better than mine this year, peace!

 And before i forget i went to see the Maze Runner this weekend!  it was worth watching!  It was like Lord of the Flies meets Hunger Games.  It was Jacks call this time and we weren’t sure about this one as we hadn’t seen it advertised but it is definitely a good watch.  I recommend it!


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