Time flies

This week has gone sooo fast, so has October, where has time gone!  I’ve been busy doing yet another essay! I’ve literally made myself ill with it so I’m taking a couple of days to chill and unwind, plus I’ve missed the realm of blogging :-).  This is my first post off my new my Mac, I’m pretty happy with it, it’s funny because i used to be so anti mac and talk people out of buying them.  I know it’s a lot of money to spend but it is well worth the money (Plus It was slightly cheaper as i bought it off Amazon and it is an american import) Everything is just so much easier, as it’s in sync with my other apple gadgets.  It’s also light and compact so it’s easier to transport to uni. I love it!

I’ve been wearing so much tartan lately i can’t get enough of it! I literally wore it everyday for uni last week!  Here are some ways I’ve been wearing it!

Fotor01020163427image (4)

Full outfit | New Look


Jumper | BooHoo  Leggings | New Look


Leggings, boots & Jacket | New Look   Top | Top Shop  Rucksack | Amazon


Necklaces and Earrings | Topshop

 image (3)

Full outfit | New Look

  image[1] (2)

Same outfit as above except coat from Miss Selfridge

I also picked up these boots from office in the sale for £40.  They’re made from mainly suede so i will use a weather protectant on them.  The one from Ugg works really well.  I’ve had my Uggs years ad they look brand new.

new shoes

New Look are also having a 25% sale on coats and knits, they have some really nice items at the moment, so i picked up a faux fur collar leather jacket from £45 to £30 so i can’t complain!

screen shot 2014-10-30 at 14.41.12

I also picked up some dogtooth leggings from New Look. Can’t wait to get them on 😉

screen shot 2014-10-30 at 14.50.44

Also this week i finally got my nose pierced!!! Ouch! It was a little painful but not too bad!  I’ve always wanted to get it done and have finally taken the plunge…go me! The amount of debates i had in my head was ridiculous, i even debated whether i was too old for it haha!  I think it was my nerves but the way i was acting anyone would have thought it was my first piercing!


 For anyone who wishes to get it done, go for it! I give it a pain rating of about 4 out of 10 because the pain lasts for about a second.  Also it was done with a needle and clamp not a gun and there was quite bit of blood but it wasn’t too excessive!

Oh and Happy Halloween!!!


Yes i’m cheesy i made this on Photoshop, it’s part of my relaxation process ;-P


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