My November Obsessions

Obsession Number 1 – Berry Coloured anything

Every time i have been out and about i see this colour and i absolutely love it! Maybe it’s a subliminal thing, the more i see it the more i love and want it in my life haha!  I was even thinking of dyeing my hair a berry colour.  We will see how that goes!

Obsession Number 2 – H&M

At the moment i love H&M!! In the last couple of weeks i have picked up some cute cheap clothing items and accessories such as make up bags, phone covers and handbags.

Obsession Number 3 – Ear Cuffs


I have a few ear cuffs from years ago purchased at boutiques and i had never really worn them.  This month i can’t get enough of them.  They are pretty cheap and you can pick them up from loads of shops.  I have currently seen some that i will be purchasing from claire’s because they are cheap and i know i won’t be wearing them forever.

Obsession Number 4 – Hair Perfume


I am obsessed with smells at the moment and i have tried out a couple of hair perfumes which i didn’t even know existed.  This one is by Thierry Mugler has to be my favourite.  I am a fan of the angel perfume and this just adds to the infamous angel scent.  I have been wearing it alone on my hair without wearing any perfume because it has such a perfume smell.  It’s gorgeous, i don’t think it’s too badly priced either as the perfume can be quite expensive.  I got this for £21 from Debenhams.

Obsession Number 5 – Faux fur Gilets


I love a bit of faux fur and always add it to my winter wardrobe. I currently have a few gilets but they are quite short in the body so i am looking for one that is slightly longer.  So that i can wear maybe a long-sleeved dress or top with it and not be too cold.

Obsession Number 6 – Oversized wraps and Ponchos


Okay i really want an oversized wrap.  I have already a nice chunky knit black Poncho with fur but i want a Nordic looking one, i did see one at BooHoo but it was sold out i presume because it was all over the adverts.  NewLook has loads at the moment but i just haven’t seen one that grabs my attention.  I will keep looking hopefully i find one before it’s too late to wear one.

This list of obsessions could go on but these are my top ones that i am currently thinking about at the moment…I have that shopping itch again.  I feel a spree coming on…

Thanks for stopping by…


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