Bare Minerals ready Touch Up Veil review

Howdy! So i have been researching into getting a new powder, as i feel that once i have done my concealer or foundation i am happy with it and then i use a setting powder and it just makes me look as if i have put a mask on.  By looking around on the web i found out it is because i have oily skin and some powders can set darker on skin.  Not only does my makeup set darker, my face also gets more oily as the day goes on, even if i touch up, i still get that “I’ve just poured baby oil all over my face” look!  I was originally using by MAC the STUDIO FIX POWDER PLUS FOUNDATION which is a foundation and powder rolled into one.  So i would apply some concealer first, i use Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage, then i would brush on some MAC Studio fix and use the Mac Fix Plus Spray to finish.  This just wasn’t working for me so i eventually discovered Bare Minerals…i’m late, i know!


I got the bare Minerals ready Touch Up Veil in colour Tan.  It was under £20 from Debenhams which i think is a bargain!  I use a powder brush to apply and brush around in circular motions.  It is absolutely perfect so far.  I tested how long it would last without reapplying it and i was really happy with the results.  I had a tiny bit of shine after 9hours of wearing it but it wasn’t noticeable at all.


Picture 1| My bare cheek.

Picture 2 | My cheek with concealer and the mineral veil applied.

Picture 3 | Finished look in natural day light.

Picture 4 | Makeup look with flash on and

Picture 5 | 9 hours of wear.

This powder is my new fave, it glides onto your skin so effortlessly.  It is so light and airy.  I love the fact that i feel as if i have no make up on.  Another bonus of the powder in which i have noticed is that cleaning your skin is easier, especially after a night out when you cannot be bothered with that “getting ready for bed” routine!  So these are all the good things about the Touch Up Veil powder…now here are the negatives..which are not too bad at all!

So i only have 2 issues with this powder which i have learnt to overcome. This powder comes in pressed form or loose.  I chose the pressed powder so that i could use it on the go because this powder is so light and airy it seems to form quite bit of loose powder within the compact as you use the brush on the pressed surface.  This does cause a little bit of mess around the edges of the compact but on then next application it can be used.  The second problem i encountered when first using the powder was the powdery look that it left on my skin but this soon disappeared after a couple of minutes.  Also  with a quirt of Mac fix plus spray it disappears and blends in quicker, this s good for when your in a rush.

Overall this is an excellent powder and i definitely recommend it.

If i had to sum up the Bare Minerals ready Touch Up Veil in one word it would be…clingfilm because its like a clear mask over your makeup not changing the colour or weight.  I am going to look into more bare mineral products and see if there is anything else that i like.  Hmm maybe a foundation? We will see..

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