Product of the Month (November)

Hey Hey Hey! So the Product of the month is….(drumroll please)….

Clarins Extra-Firming Lip and Contour Balm


I picked this up from Boots for £31.00 it is a small pot but a little goes a long way.


It comes with a little spatula but you don’t really need to use it.  Plus there’s nowhere to store it so it’s kind of pointless, haha!  The product is very easy to apply with your finger tips.  When i am applying the balm i usually go outside of my lip area and massage all around putting slight pressure on my lips using my fingers.  I also think it works best after coming out of the bath/shower.  I use this balm mainly before bed and then sometimes in the morning if my lips feel a bit dry.  It is perfect, at the moment as the weather has become cooler, for protecting your lips.



Even after the first time using this product, my lips felt smooth and plump.  It also reduced the creases in lips making a smooth canvas, for lipstick application.  It’s a strange feeling really because it doesn’t tingle or burn. (In comparison to DuWop Lip Venom which does sting and tingle a lot!)  The Clarins contour balm seems to make your lips feel firm and plump, giving them a fuller appearance.



It does work

No mess no fuss

Not greasy

Blends into lips nicely


A bit expensive for a lip balm

Spatula is pointless in my eyes

Final thought

This is a really nice product, which i feel works.  I did buy it on a whim, which is unlike me. I always research into a product until i’m clear, i want to make a purchase.  I’m so glad i like it, as it could have been a money waster!  I would recommend this product but i would try a tester first if possible as products react differently on different people.  Apart from that it gets a big thumbs up from moi!

Thanks for stopping by..

Kim XO

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