I’ve been so excited about getting this product, it has been around for ages and i’ve always wanted to try it!

SensatioNail describe themselves as”a world class home manicure set that gives a salon quality finish at a fraction of the price. The SensatioNail™ LED technology and unique gel formula let women achieve an easily removable high-gloss, damage proof manicure that’s simple to achieve and great for everyday wear.”



I also ordered two extra colours because they were on offer.  Midnight rendezvous and Gold Glitter.

I literally could not wait to get inside the box…


I noticed that Boots had slashed the price of the SensatioNail Deluxe Starter Kit from £110 to £55, i thought that i wasn’t going to get a better offer than that so i thought i would buy it with my points! I’m so glad that i did as i absolutely love it. (it is still on offer at half price)

The Deluxe kit includes;

SensatioNail Pro 3060 LED lamp with mains adaptor

Two full size colour polishes – Pink Chiffon & Raspberry Wine (7.39ml each)

Full size base/top coat (7.39ml)

Full size Cleanser (27.2ml)

Primer (3.54 ml)

1 each Silver & Gold Glitter Puffers

Two packs of 12 Lint-free wipes & buffer

SensatioNail Removal Tool

It is stated that there is enough product for over 20 manicures/pedicures.  So i will see if that is true :-).

Here are some pictures of the equipment…

IMG_1655 IMG_1656 IMG_1657 IMG_1658 IMG_1659 IMG_1660 IMG_1661

There are so many colours available too…


 I really enjoyed doing my nails myself and for a first attempt, i don’t think they look too bad.  I must say though, the whole do-it-yourself thing isn’t as relaxing as getting them treated in the nail salon but it is so satisfactory when you’ve managed to paint them and they look nice.

So here is the before and after shot…


I did my mums nails in the gold colour and i think it looks lovely she was really pleased 🙂


Although i do like the colours from SensatioNail, I have also bought a couple of colours from Gellux as i want to see how their Gel nail polishes look.  They also have a good range of colours and i feel that you get more product for your money.  I also noticed that their product is a lot thicker than SensatioNail, i don’t know whether that’s a good thing or bad!  Only time will tell….


I have documented the condition of my nails since the day I did them, so that’s Saturday until today.


I think that this is a fab product and a great value nail kit.  I feel that for my first attempt it has lasted really well.  I noticed a tiny little chip on one of my fingers on day 5 so decided to put a glitter polish over it as i quite like the red colour and i’m not ready to change the colours of my nails yet.

I have also bought nail art deigns as i love one finger on each hand to stand out.  They are simple nail tattoo designs which are easy to apply with water.


SensatioNail Pros & Cons


Simple to use and clear instructions

Really nice colours available

Looks nice and shiny

Quick drying

Nice even colour

No Smelly products


Expensive if not on offer

Can’t fit thumb under uv light (but not that big of a deal)

Not to sure what the removal process will be like :-/

Products given are quite small

A lot of add ons for the kit

Sensational say that their nail varnish…

Dries within 60 seconds (i agree)

Lasts for up to 2 weeks (Debatable)

Doesn’t chip (Debatable, i think you need to concentrate on the ends of the nails and make sure you cap and smooth them properly)

Doesn’t smudge (I agree)

Doesn’t crack (I agree)

Doesn’t dull (I agree)

I do really like this product but…the process in which i have used must not be correct as i have already noticed peeling on day 5.  Hopefully on my next attempt i can achieve chip free bright colour for 2 weeks.

Thanks for stopping by 🙂


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8 Responses to SensatioNail

  1. iamserenel says:

    Omg girlie you have so much talent 🙂 xoxo


  2. kimstag says:

    Haha thanks 🙊 it was pretty easy though 😳 xoxo


  3. Siobhan says:

    Thanks for your post!! I really want to get this kit from boots but I am having a bit of a debate with myself hmmm :/


    • kimstag says:

      Hey thank you, 🙂 yeah i know what you mean i had debated it for ages and then it went down in price, so i thought why not! It is a really good product but i think it will take time to learn how to apply the varnish correctly. I am right handed and I’ve managed to do my left hand pretty well (i think haha) so it doesn’t chip or flake. Also i have learnt too make sure i cap the ends of my nails well as this reduces chipping and flaking. I have also bought nail colours by Gellux as i think they are nicer and have a thicker consistency. XoX

      Liked by 1 person

  4. They look lovely ❤ Great review


  5. I have always wanted to try this product, this review as really helped with my decision.xx
    Does it still peel before a week?


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