Do you want long lasting brows?

Hell to the yes!

Hey hey hey! So let’s get straight to the point…I have skinny brows….

They’re just so bare, they always have been and i have come to terms with them a long time ago! I am the only browless one born in my family haha! I’ve looked into getting them tattooed but i’m to scared haha.  Instead i have found a new weapon, my new best friend,  it’s awesome, for my eyebrow sitch it’s probably the best product i have found so far (well 2nd best Anastasia Dip-brow is #1).   It’s not a new product and it has been around for a while but for anyone that has the same issue with their brows this works wonders.

The long-lasting brow pen is from the local beauty wholesalers and is called Lala HiBrow Eye and Brow tint.  (it is essentially like a felt tip pen) I got it in 2 colours black and brown.


Lala pen

In the picture below i am wearing the brown brow pen.  I sometimes will use my Anastasia dip brow pomade aswell to enhance them but in this picture it is just my brow with the felt brow pen used.


To apply the product i do a few fast strokes shaping my brow and blend with my finger, before the product dries (it dries quite fast) and then i go over my brows again doing fast thin strokes to mimic brow hair and leave to dry.  At first, it does feel strange but it is easy to handle and use.  Mistakes are easy to correct with a wet cotton bud.  Once it dries fully it may be a bit tougher to remove mistakes but i haven’t had any trouble so far so it should be okay.

I also found a similar product by GOSH in Superdrug which is really good too and gives the same effect, i got this in colour 001 which is a dark brown colour.


All in all, these two brow pens are brilliant, also they are long-lasting.  I left them on all day , went to bed with them on and they were still there when i woke up, excellent! :-).  They’re quick and easy to apply with no worrying of smudging once dried.  One day i got soaked from the rain and my brows were fearless and still intact, i was one happy chappy!

So if you struggle with sparse brows like myself and want long lasting brows, these brow pens are fabulous and actually work.

This brow pen will be coming with me everywhere from now on!

Thanks for stopping by, Happy Holidays 🙂

Kim XO

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9 Responses to Do you want long lasting brows?

  1. Aiko Eliot says:

    Nice tutorial although i’m blessed with thick brows in the middle and super thin brows on the tail :/


  2. B says:

    Love the post 🙂

    for more Fashion & Inspiration head over to my blog


  3. I’m going to try one of these as even the darkest brow palettes look ridiculous on my jet black eyebrows. I hope I’ll be as precise as you are with it though – eek!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Jennifer Leigh G. says:

    Awesome! I’ll have to give these a try.

    Liked by 1 person

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