Top heavy style

Happy new year!! Hope you all have had a lovely celebration!

So i wouldn’t call it a struggle but sometimes it’s difficult trying to get stuff to fit my bust.  I don’t want to look raunchy and too over sexed, i want to look nice and classy with a dash of sexiness :-P.

My friend’s birthday was coming up and i wanted a new outfit, so i had a rummage around in the sale and found this gorgeous wrap jumpsuit.  It’s a perfect fit, made from stretchy material, everything i could want from a jumpsuit.  I paired it with a gold belt, some gold midi heels, a thin blazer and a few minor accessories.

number 2

You know when you just feel you’ve got i right! haha, i felt comfortable and free, but going to the loo was a pain because i had to strip off, and after a few vodkas it was challenge…

Apart from that the outfit just made me feel nice and classy.

number 1

The gold shoes are from River island in a sale from last year, they are so comfortable and the perfect height for me, they were reduced to about £15.  The jumpsuit is from Newlook and was reduced to £18 from about £30.  The belt is also from Newlook and was reduced to a £1, yes a £1 i had to get it, i think it was about £8 originally.  And the blazer is from Primark but I’ve had it years.



I used an old bag from River Island too as i thought it went well with the outfit.


I also layered a couple of necklaces that i already had just as a subtle accessory these are from Topshop and Urban Outfitters.


On my lips i’m wearing Dior Addict Fluid Stick in colour  975 Minuit, these lip glosses are so addictive and the colours are gorgeous.  I want another 😦 i can’t stop haha.  I think that’s why they are called Dior Addict Fluid Stick.

lipThanks for stopping by, Happy New Year!


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14 Responses to Top heavy style

  1. H. E. Lexus says:

    Looking fantastic! Good job on the entire outfit. 😉


  2. Ebony Jay says:

    I love your outfit! You look really nice!


  3. That jumpsuit is perfect for your figure. I’m busty but alas I have no hips, so I was avoiding getting one but I think you have changed my mind with the skinny belt idea.


  4. Dana Fashina says:

    Love the jumpsuit!!
    Great way to wear a classic!


  5. I’m always struggling to find classy outfits that fit my boobs!

    I always feel like it’s difficult to show any cleavage without letting off the wrong impression!

    You look amazing, a tip in the jumpsuit world has been taken on board!!



    • kimstag says:

      Tell me about it!! Especially if you have a family party or a wedding/christening. It can be hard. Thankyou doll and you can get a decent one from pretty much anywhere which is awesome xXx


  6. oeddie says:

    I love this outfit! I’m always looking for outfit ideas like this because my boobs are out of control 😛 …blessing and a curse 🙂


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