Poundland haul

Hey hey hey, today i went to pick up a card for my little sister as she turns 22 tomorrow! (cannot believe it!!).  I also had a little look in Poundland, as i got this really cute mirror from there for christmas, and wanted to see what else they had to offer.

I had no money on me, only my card and it was a £5 minimum spend, so i set my self to spend at least that.  I did spend more…but! It was worth it, as i got some great stuff which i wanted to try out.

This is what i got for £11…i think that is awesome!!


I originally got the mirror for  christmas and my sister liked it, so today i picked up one to add to her birthday gifts.

Butterfly Mirror


 This is a really good quality mirror too, nice design, not too heavy, clear and perfect for what i call a 360.  A 360 to me is simply holding up your mirror and looking into another mirror behind you so that you see yourself 360° for example…


Perfect to check the back of your hair 😛

Pedicure Paddle

I also got a pedicure paddle. OMG this is amazing, for £1 my feet can be smooth in minutes, it works I’ve tried it!


What is really good about this pedicure panel is that it has 4 tools in 1, it includes a metal file, pumice stone, smoothing file and nail cleaning brush.  This would be perfect for summer trips and holidays.  It will be something that i take away with me this year.

Manicure Set

Ahh these are so cute, perfect for your handbag.


This also comes in a variety of deigns.

Buffer Blocks

4 buffer blocks for £1 fab, this is good because I have a feeling the blocks are quite thin and won’t last as long as the more expensive ones.  Apart from that they’re pretty good and do the job they’re meant to


 Makeup Gallery – Lipstick

Colour 12 Pink Berry


“All about the pout”


This lipstick is really nice, the colour lasted well and it feels nice and soft when you apply it.  But it did dry out my lips after sometime so i added some vaseline.  I will use this lipstick again but i will first apply vaseline to moisten my lips and then add the lipstick.

Sea shell Nail Glitter

In 6 lovely colours, easy to use but a bit messy, for a £1 can’t complain.


I also used the sea shell glitter on the tip of my nail with the gel polish and it looks quite nice.

gel polish

Rimmel nail varnish

I got two Rimmel colours, one for my sister and one for myself, for my sister i got the colour total eclipse from the Space Dust collection and for myself i got the colour 706 Classic Red from the Kate collection.



I love that the nail vanish brush is wide, so that it is easier to apply.

Pretty effect nail varnish

I also got 2 Pretty effect nail varnishes for £1 as they were on offer, so 50p each.


I got a pink gel colour and a glitter rhombus effect.  The gel nail varnish is really nice even after one coat, it also dried quickly and gave a nice shine.  The rhombus effect varnish on the other hand is okay but the rhombus bits are so big, that it ended up with only two pieces on the brush, so it took me a while to fill the whole nail.  I had to dab each rhombus on individually in the end with a cuticle stick.  Apart from this, the end result is quite nice.

I had some spare time so i decided to try out the gel polish on my nails and add a nice glittery nail using the sea shell glitter.  I really love how my nails have turned out and how good the gel polish is 🙂


Pretty Nail varnish drying spray & nail polish remover

Okay, these two final products are fab but so far i prefer the nail varnish remover, as it works the best out of the two products.  The nail varnish drying spray does dry the nail slightly but you still need to wait for dry time.  The remover is really good i was able to effortlessly take off my varnish quickly and reapply.


I really enjoyed having a look around in Poundland today, i picked up some really good items.  I definitely recommend having a little nosy in Poundland :-).

Thanks for stopping by 🙂



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4 Responses to Poundland haul

  1. iamserenel says:

    Love your haul 😀 xoxo


  2. Love this post!, I wish we had Poundland in Ireland 😦 , check out my budget beauty picks http://wp.me/p3Nn9S-6o


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