Product of the Month (December)

Drumroll please…..

Dior Addict Fluid Stick by Dior

image1 states that;

“Dior Addict Fluid Stick enables a flawless application in a single sweep: the high-impact colour and long wear of a classic lipstick, combined with the shine of a gloss, all in a thin film that delivers sensational comfort. Colour and shine come together as one for maximum impact with intense, long-wearing lip stain pigments directly encapsulated in spheres of gloss. Dior Addict Fluid Stick does not contain wax, but water for maximum lightness, an immediate fresh effect and addictive comfort…

A pure object of desire : the illusion is maintained until the case is opened and an applicator emerges that is steeped in colour and as precise and easy to use as a lipstick…

16 explosive shades like so many flashes of brilliance. Resolutely Dior, Terribly couture…”


I am absolutely in lovewith this gloss even the packaging is gorgeous and unique!

Dior Addict Fluid Stick currently retails at about £26.00.  I currently have 3 colours but would like to grow my collection, i bought 2 of these from boots so i get my points of course and one was a christmas gift.


It feels so nice on the lips and it does last.  The shine disappears after a while as it dries but the actual colour stays which is nice, making it look like your wearing a nice moist lipstick.  The flat, tear-shaped applicator makes the product really easy to use and decreases waste.

753 Open Me

image2975 Minuitimage4 869 Vie D’enferimage3

  Something that i cannot stand with some glosses, is that gooey texture that they have,  this gloss however doesn’t have that feeling.  What’s nice about this gloss is the texture, not too sticky, smooth and a refreshing feeling.  During my experience using the Addict fluid stick, my lips have never become dry or chapped.  Also the gloss is slightly scented but is very light and not too overpowering.  The only downfall is the price, but it’s Dior that is expected.

Overall I personally love this product and i would definitely recommend it.

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