Kimberley Stewart – A career in digital marketing

Why I am working towards a career in digital marketing by Kimberley Stewart

What is digital marketing??

Digital marketing is the promotion of brands through the use of digital media, it is defined by Simon Heseltine Senior Director, Organic Audience Development at AOL as “any way that we, as marketers, use digital media to influence users. Whether that’s the free stuff – search, social, etc. – or the paid stuff – PPC, display advertising, social ads, in game advertising, etc. across all available technologies and platforms. The real trick to effective digital marketing is using the right platform / technology / tactic to reach the audience that will buy your product / read your articles / engage with your content.” Simon Heseltine – @SimonHeseltine

From Salford University to choosing a career…

Choosing a career is one of the most hardest things to do in life! It’s that daunting question that gets you!  What would you like to do when you grow up? Or what do you want to do when you graduate?  The answer is usually get a job?  Well this was me not so long ago!  As I hadn’t really took the time to actually think about it and put life into perspective!  What do I want to do?!

As strange as it might seem, when I thought about the question I realised something… my path has naturally led me to this point…Digital Marketing.  Something clicked it just made sense, I have always secretly led a digital life, through my career choices and experience it was the right path for me to take, it was clear.

Lee odden

My secret digital life…by this I mean I have always had a fascination with the latest digital and technological ideas.  From an early age I have always loved working with the computer, throughout school I was interested in arts and media, going to college i studied arts, design and visual communications right up until my degree at Salford University in Advertising and MSc Marketing.  Digital has always been a key part of my educational and professional life.

My love/hate relationship with social media…

In September 2014 I started to become more active on social media.  Less than a year ago!  I used to hate it!  I don’t know where that feeling  came from.  At that time I loved reading blogs and watching vlogs but that was it.  I had profiles on social media that hadn’t been active in years.  Then one lovely September afternoon I started blogging and that was it I had the blogging bug and couldn’t get enough of it!  It started to become my addiction!

This is what opened the door for me and I slowly realised how much it can help you develop your personal brand.  Not only that but it helped me learn new things about the internet and myself, what I was capable of and this was perfect before staring my masters in marketing.

The currency of real networking is not greed but generosity.

Keith Ferrazzi

Being a blogger from Manchester

There are not that many blogger events going on in Manchester i feel, maybe i’m looking in the wrong places… I have only been to a handful of blogger events in the past couple of months, however by going back to university i have been invited and attended a lot more events and I have learnt to enjoy networking and get the most out of it.

 This past year I have utilised the events that I have gone to to, by actually talking to people!  By surrounding myself with people with a different and better skills  than myself i have become more hungry to achieve goals and push boundaries!  If you are interested in networking and events then take a look at a post i wrote for the-click, an online magazine aimed at female bloggers, titled making the most of events.

Curiosity killed the cat

Have you heard of the saying?! Curiosity is the way forward, being curious enough to research and show interest is perfect for digital marketing.  As you can’t wait and expect everything to just come to you. You have to go out there and learn it your self.

The only way is digital

Digital Marketing is a fast paced and naturally evolving industry.  More and more companies are becoming digital.  So the prospects are growing and changing everyday.  According to Greenberg and Kates (2013) “Marketers in the digital age must be like water. They must ebb, flow and adapt their roles on a constant basis” (Greenberg and Kates, 2013, p.20).


Taken from

I have a deep rooted #passion4digital and I intend to develop and build a successful career within the Digital Marketing sector.  For me marketing isn’t just about selling to customers and consumers, its not about trickery and deceit.  It’s about understanding and building a sustainable relationship with a particular target audience.


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One thing I always say is that we live in a digital world it is the present and the future.

“Privacy is dead, and social media holds the smoking gun.”

Pete Cashmore

Do you have a career that you are working towards or do you have a  passion, that you want to pursue as a career?  Share with me in the comment section below.  If you’re interested in digital marketing take look at What Will Digital Marketing Success Look Like?

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  1. i do online marketing and i enjoy it so much! great article.

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