Lash growth challenge – Using Rapid Lash eyeliner, Rapid Lash, Mavala Lash, Bimat bimatoprost

Some of us have long lashes, some of us don’t, you’ve gotta work with what you’ve got right!

Well there are always alternatives and i’m sure you’re aware of them all….as my lashes aren’t that long and luscious i decided to do my own little eyelash growth challenge.

Lashes 2

For the challenge i used three products Rapid lash, the Rapid lash-gro eye liner and the Bimat bimatoprost Ophathamic Solution.

I got the Bimat bimatoprost Ophathalmic Solution from Amazon and the Rapid Lash products from Boots.

I applied the Rapid lash and Bimat morning and night and the eyeliner just when i felt like it.


This eyeliner is really easy to use and dries really fast so there it is not too messy.image (3)

Week 0 Start off point

At the start my eyelashes looked like this, the left hand side shows my lashes with Benefit they’re real mascara on and on the right my bare lashes.



In the first week i used all the three products.  The first two pictures below (clockwise from the top left) show my eyelashes bare with nothing on.  The two pictures below show my lashes with mascara and eyeliner on.

The Bimat is a bit messy but it is okay and it did really help boost my lashes that first week.  In the first week i applied the two lash boosters morning and night and then the eyeliner in the day.


Week 2

I did the the same in week two where i used all three products.  I couldn’t figure out which product was really working in boosting my lashes i was really surprised.


Week 3

In the third week i felt that the Bimat was too fiddly and it also gave me itchy eyes so i discontinued use half way through the week, which is a shame because i feel that it was the product that really did boost my eye lashes.


Week 4

The first two pictures below (starting from the top left and clockwise) shows my bare eyelashes and the two below show my lashes with mascara on.

In the fourth week i just started to use the Rapid lash morning and night.   The eyeliner i used 3 times a week, instead of everyday.

Week 4

Week 5 

Going from the first picture to the second i am wearing no mascara and then in all the other pictures i have mascara on.  I took as many pictures as possible so all angles could be seen.

I feel as if they have reached their longest length.  I will carry on using the rapid lash as i haven’t finished it yet but maybe not as frequent so i can see if the results last.  I think that my lashes look longer and thicker but the Bimat bimatoprost Ophathalmic Solution really did boost them in the beginning.


Final Thoughts

I really like the Rapid lash and the eyeliner but the Bimat is not for me and the results don’t really last with the Bimat either.  With the Rapid lash i think the results may last a lot longer.  But the rapid lash is expensive for the size tube that you get.  I think i will only buy it when there is an offer on.  I do feel like my eyelashes have become more thicker and slightly longer but i feel that they look a lot nicer now with two coats of my favourite mascara on.



This challenge was done a few months ago and i have now started to use Marvela Lash from Boots which you can pick up for £13.

I feel that this product is the best out of all the growth serums that i have used.  It is easy to apply and you get more for your money.  I have also had no problems when it comes to allergic reactions, since using this product, so out of all the products discussed in this post i definitely recommend this one.

Screen Shot 2015-03-28 at 18.54.48

Do you have anything you recommend for eyelash growth?  Share your tips below….

Thanks for stopping by 😉


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10 Responses to Lash growth challenge – Using Rapid Lash eyeliner, Rapid Lash, Mavala Lash, Bimat bimatoprost

  1. I’ve naturally got long lashes so never had this problem, but my friends swear by vaseline. They put it on their eyelashes every night and said they’ve seen significant growth over time.

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  2. Cat Forsley says:

    I wanna Try xxx

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  3. iamserenel says:

    Ohhhh I wanna try the Rapid lash, I’ve never used any eyelash growing products 😀 but this one looks great! the results look amazing too!

    Serene | I Am Serene L


  4. SASS-A-FR-ASS says:

    This was super awesome Kim! Could definitely see a difference! Xo 🙂 🙂 💖


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