The Best Cleanser Ever?

Literally the best cleanser ever, that i have tried so far in my life!  Although I can’t take all the credit for this one.  This is all down to my little sis, as she introduced me to this kick ass product by Chanel (I’m such a geek).  If you think your face and eyes are clean think again, the Chanel lait douceur cleansing milk balance + anti-pollution face and eyes is one beautiful product, leaving your skin clean, fresh and well moisturised.

How we met…

Every-night without fail i thoroughly remove my make up and wash my face, one night my sister insisted i try her cleanser.  I was reluctant at first but I finally tried it and cringed at what the cleanser actually absorbed from my skin, i had just come out of the bath for goodness sake! This cleanser absorbs dirt and makeup you didn’t even know existed!


Chanel says…


LAIT DOUCEUR cleanses normal and combination skin, while keeping its ecosystem balanced. Its soft fluid texture with a velvety finish eliminates pollutants and impurities with a precious tulip tree extract.

Active Ingredients

At the heart of the formula: intense tulip tree water depollutes and purifies skin. Bio-glucan rebalances its ecosystem.

LAIT DOUCEUR also benefits from mallow extract, known for its softening properties.

Ophthalmologist and dermatologist tested. Non-comedogenic.


To purify the skin while maintaining its balance, CHANEL Research drew inspiration from natural anti-pollution techniques. Adapted to cosmetology, these techniques made it possible to create cleansers and toners that respect the ecology of the skin.

LAIT DOUCEUR perfectly removes makeup from the skin, leaving it supple, silky and radiant.

(Taken from

The best cleanser ever?

At this moment in time, for me, this product takes the title of the best cleanser ever,  it effortlessly removes makeup and cleanses skin gently.  Leaving you feeling moisturised, without the feeling of your pores being clogged.  Although it is quite fragranced i have had no experience of breakouts or skin irritations.

thumb_IMG_5883_1024 thumb_IMG_5884_1024

The Price

Okay so this cleanser does come with a hefty price tag.  But it depends on what you value as expensive, it is your face after all 😛 I picked up my Chanel cleanser from Boots for £30 (where i could take advantage of their loyalty points system, everyone’s a winner).



I would repurchase this cleanser but it is expensive and has a 6 month use by date.  I can see improvements in my skin already and i have only used it for a month so we shall see what happens when i run out!

Have you ever used this product, if so what do you think?  Or do you have a cleanser that you swear by? Let us know in the comment section below…

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