Product of the month (April)

Not so much a product but a place!  Thought i’d switch it up this month!  Thinking about it i suppose it is still a product…I have been loving H&M the last few weeks!

They have some amazing pieces in.  I hold my hands up!  I have made a few cheeky purchases!  Some of items i have bought are for my jollies and i have packed them away into my suitcase already!!  Seriously take a look at their website you will definitely find something for you!

Here are some of the pieces that i have purchased over the past few weeks…


From left to right | T-Shirt dress £12.99 | Lace dress £19.99 | Lyocell dress £29.99



From left to right | Ribbed dress £14.99 | Shirt dress £10.00 | Asymmetric dress £14.99


From left to right | Fine knit dress £19.99 | Fringed crop top £9.99 | Shirt dress £10.00

“Fashion is a language that creates itself in clothes to interpret reality.” 
― Karl Lagerfeld


From left to right | Lace skirt £12.00 | Short dress  £9.99 | Long sleeved blouse £14.99

I think thats everything,  i’m sure i haven’t missed anything off,  it’s not a good sign when you can’t remember what you have bought…

Have you been shopping lately or have you been to H&M?  Let me know in the comment section below…


As always thank you for stopping by…


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Lash growth challenge – Using Rapid Lash eyeliner, Rapid Lash, Mavala Lash, Bimat bimatoprost

Some of us have long lashes, some of us don’t, you’ve gotta work with what you’ve got right!

Well there are always alternatives and i’m sure you’re aware of them all….as my lashes aren’t that long and luscious i decided to do my own little eyelash growth challenge.

Lashes 2

For the challenge i used three products Rapid lash, the Rapid lash-gro eye liner and the Bimat bimatoprost Ophathamic Solution.

I got the Bimat bimatoprost Ophathalmic Solution from Amazon and the Rapid Lash products from Boots.

I applied the Rapid lash and Bimat morning and night and the eyeliner just when i felt like it.


This eyeliner is really easy to use and dries really fast so there it is not too messy.image (3)

Week 0 Start off point

At the start my eyelashes looked like this, the left hand side shows my lashes with Benefit they’re real mascara on and on the right my bare lashes.



In the first week i used all the three products.  The first two pictures below (clockwise from the top left) show my eyelashes bare with nothing on.  The two pictures below show my lashes with mascara and eyeliner on.

The Bimat is a bit messy but it is okay and it did really help boost my lashes that first week.  In the first week i applied the two lash boosters morning and night and then the eyeliner in the day.


Week 2

I did the the same in week two where i used all three products.  I couldn’t figure out which product was really working in boosting my lashes i was really surprised.


Week 3

In the third week i felt that the Bimat was too fiddly and it also gave me itchy eyes so i discontinued use half way through the week, which is a shame because i feel that it was the product that really did boost my eye lashes.


Week 4

The first two pictures below (starting from the top left and clockwise) shows my bare eyelashes and the two below show my lashes with mascara on.

In the fourth week i just started to use the Rapid lash morning and night.   The eyeliner i used 3 times a week, instead of everyday.

Week 4

Week 5 

Going from the first picture to the second i am wearing no mascara and then in all the other pictures i have mascara on.  I took as many pictures as possible so all angles could be seen.

I feel as if they have reached their longest length.  I will carry on using the rapid lash as i haven’t finished it yet but maybe not as frequent so i can see if the results last.  I think that my lashes look longer and thicker but the Bimat bimatoprost Ophathalmic Solution really did boost them in the beginning.


Final Thoughts

I really like the Rapid lash and the eyeliner but the Bimat is not for me and the results don’t really last with the Bimat either.  With the Rapid lash i think the results may last a lot longer.  But the rapid lash is expensive for the size tube that you get.  I think i will only buy it when there is an offer on.  I do feel like my eyelashes have become more thicker and slightly longer but i feel that they look a lot nicer now with two coats of my favourite mascara on.



This challenge was done a few months ago and i have now started to use Marvela Lash from Boots which you can pick up for £13.

I feel that this product is the best out of all the growth serums that i have used.  It is easy to apply and you get more for your money.  I have also had no problems when it comes to allergic reactions, since using this product, so out of all the products discussed in this post i definitely recommend this one.

Screen Shot 2015-03-28 at 18.54.48

Do you have anything you recommend for eyelash growth?  Share your tips below….

Thanks for stopping by 😉


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What’s in my makeup bag


I have so much makeup and i’m always changing purses and putting different makeup in different makeup bags, as a lot of you guys probably do.  At the moment i’m rocking a makeup bag from Holly @Rockonrubyxx and I’m loving it, i actually won this as a prize but if you like it check her awesome pieces out.

IMG_6393So lets break it down haha…


1.  Thierry Mugler Angel Perfuming Hair Mist – If you love Angel perfume then you will love this.  I usually do a few spritz on my brush and that signature Angel scent is delicately placed throughout my hair.  I picked this up at Debenhams but i have seen it at other places such as Amazon and Sephora.

2. bareMinerals ready foundation, this is a powder foundation and i got it in the colour R410.  I picked this at Boots but it can be picked up at a lot of places.  I love this powder as i can wear it in the day and it look natural then build up coverage at the night.

3. Real Techniques Retractable Kabuki Brush – So i don’t usually keep a blusher in my purse because I’ve noticed i can get a little giddy with it and apply too much, so before i go out i usually dab a bit of blusher on my brush enough for me to do a touch up with, when I’m out and not look like a happy clown lol.


Real Techniques retractable bronzer brush – This brush is so light and airy and perfect for touch ups without making a mess.  I picked up both brushes from Boots.

4.  Gosh Long Lasting Brow Pen Dark Brown 1 – Loveeee this product i keep one in my bag just in case!  Although i have never had to touch up my brows after i have used it.  Personally this is the best brow product i have ever used and i purchased it from Superdrug.  Definitely recommend this product.

5. Eau La La Liner – Sleek MakeUp – I did a review on these beauties not so long ago, fave liners at the moment!  What ever colour I’m wearing i will bring it out with me just in case i need a touch up, which again i have never had to do.

“The most beautiful makeup of a woman is passion. But cosmetics are easier to buy.” 
― Yves Saint-Laurent

6. No7-Precision Lips Pencil – I am always going on about these, they really are something to rave about.  They are a good price and a really high quality product I picked these up from boots and highly recommend.

7. they’re real! mascara mini by Benefit – Claim to be the UK’s No.1 Bestselling Mascara!  I agree.  This is my favourite mascara! My only issue with it, is that it runs out too quickly haha but that must be down to my usage!

I picked mine up from the Benefit counter within Boots.  According to the Benefit website;

94% saw dramatic length & volume**

90% saw base-to-tip curl**

94% saw visible lift**

100% saw long-wearing results**

100% saw long-wearing results**

8.  Dior Addict Fluid Stick by Dior – This product is so good, i have collected a few over this year and switch the colours to whatever I’m feeling that day.  I did a review on these glosses a couple of months ago, if you like what you see you can find it here.

9. MAC Lipstick – What more can i say…I usually keep a couple of different colours in my purse just in case i fancy a change.


10. VASELINE Paint the town lip therapy – This was a limited edition and i think it is now sold out but it is so nice and sweet and does the job

11. Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Lotion Travel Size –  This was so cheap and is such a nice smell.  It’s thick enough too get rid of dry skin and doesn’t leave skin feeling to greasy and icky!

What’s currently in your makeup bag!?

As always thank you for stopping by…


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Personal branding yay or nay? – By Kimberley Stewart

You either love it or hate it.  

According to Montoya (2002) personal branding is defined as “creating the externally facing identity that you as a business project.”

Either way it’s here and it’s getting bigger.  By using social media, anybody can advertise themselves and make their own image.  Rampersad (2008 p.34) states that “everyone has a personal brand, but most people are not aware of this and do not manage it strategically, consistently, and effectively.”

Why would you want to develop a personal brand?

There are huge amounts of motivations to have a solid personal brand, and intermittently the reasons rely upon your own objectives, however here are 3 additional things to consider such as:

1. Connecting with like-minded people and networking.

2. New opportunities  could arise from show casing skills and abilities.

3. Being discoverable in a professional manner,  when being searched by potential employers.


Check out my previous post on why i would like a career in digital marketing…

Likewise it permits you to control your online image and is particularly valuable for chasing your dream job on the grounds that you can showcase your skill set and show your talents.   Montoya & Vandehey (2002, p. 16) suggest that person branding “is simply managing a process that’s happening anyway and turning it to your advantage.”  The Internet is a digital archive of everything that we have ever shared, said, posted, liked etc. and sometimes it can have a negative effect on our image therefore Personal branding and self promotion can either work in your favour or against you.  It depends on your strategic approach and most importantly how you come across online.

“Don’t say anything online that you wouldn’t want plastered on a billboard with your face on it.” Erin Bury

At some point in our lives i think that we will all turn to self promotion.  We do it without even realising it!

Social Media

Even as bloggers, some of us turn to social media, to promote our work to engage fellow readers in our content.  It is an effective tool to use when trying to get your content to reach a larger audience or just to get your content acknowledged.  If you’re interested in Promoting your old blog posts using social media then check out my latest post on the-click.

Quirky Statistics Taken from Pinterest (2015)

Quirky Statistics Taken from Pinterest (2015)

By using online networking, you can totally control your online image, brand and shape the way others see your profile.  The most ideal approach to verify that you are conveying the most relevant message, is to…

1.  Make a consistent and steady online brand.

2. Use the most simplest approach and strategy to begin with.

3. Use social networking and link all your profiles together.

The best tools to develop a successful personal brand is with focus and a good brand technique.

You can find me on the radio…

As well as being a blogger, I try and make time to present a radio show at a local community radio station called ALLFM 96.9 in Manchester.  On my last show the topic of self promotion was discussed, it was a nice light hearted conversation about the subject.  The main thing that was said was that everyone promotes themselves, it’s natural now, look at apps like instagram where people post pictures of their life daily.  Take a listen below…

Author George Bernard Shaw suggests that;

“Life isn’t about finding yourself.  Life is about creating yourself.”

What do you think about self promotion?  Is it something that you do?  Please share your thoughts below…

Thanks for stopping by…

kimstaglgo4 Also if you’d like to connect with me you can do so on….

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Montoya, P. & Vandehey, T. (2002). The personal branding phenomenon : realize greater influence, explosive income growth and rapid career advancement by applying the branding techniques of Michael, Martha & Oprah. Santa Ana, CA: Peter Montoya Inc.
Rampersad, H. K. (2008). A new blueprint for powerful and authentic personal branding. Performance Improvement, 47(6), 34-37.
Montoya, P., & Vandehey, T. (2002). The personal branding phenomenon. Santa Ana: Peter Montoya.
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This is a post i never published but i thought i would share it as i love when people have reviews on products which are good.  Plus there is no point me keeping it in my draft box forever, it’s already over 3 months old :-O…

Finally i have found a hair dye that does what i want it too…haha


I’ve been trying to find a product that is not messy, easy to apply but gives a nice bright colour.  I have finally found it.   Crazy Color where have you been all my life!!!

This semi permanent hair dye is brilliant!  It comes in a variety of gorgeous colours which you can mix and match.  I got the colours Pinkissimo and Burgundy, i mixed these two colours together to create my own colour 🙂


Although i do like that freshly dyed hair smell, the crazy color  has a nice mild smell so it doesn’t make your nose itch.  (It has a smell which reminds me of henna for some reason.)  Also the crazy color reminds me a bit of the Aveda color conditioner…


This is a really nice product but it doesn’t come in as many colours.

Crazy color leaves hair soft and manageable like most hair dyes.  It doesn’t seem to damage your hair or effect the texture.  The colour does last a long time but you can top up the colour as much as you wish as it is so mild.

IMG_2217Before using the crazy colour i had to get the old colour out of my hair, i just did this by doing a quick bleach and then added both of the crazy color’s i wanted to mix to achieve my desired colour.


Check out crazy color’s website for more information they have so much to choose from.

Have you got any hair dye products that you swear by?

Thanks for stopping by 🙂


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Feeling Thrifty Part 2

Oversized Blanket wrap


Oversized Blanket wrap | £4.00 Charity shop

Long sleeved top | Primark

Leather look Leggings | H&M

Boots | New Look


Don’t be afraid to thrift shop!  I absolutely love looking in charity shops, you can get some serious bargains from fur coats to blazers, skirts to dresses.  There’s always something that you can discover knowing that it was a great find and a bargain.



Thrift shopping is a great way of finding unique and vintage pieces.  As charity shops are usually cheap it is a good way to save money and still look nice.  The last time i went rummaging around in the charity shops i found some amazing pieces.


Feeling Thrifty Part 1

feeling thriftty

Do you ever go thrift shopping, is it something that you enjoy? Let me know in the comment section…

Thanks for stopping by…


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Dailylook festival style

Heyyy peeps,  i have been inspired by DailyLook to take part in their LBD Spring Style Challenge! I have chosen to use festivals as my inspiration.  I always check out the things that people have worn to festivals and the creativity they have put into their outfits.  My inspiration also has come from previous outfits that have been worn by Vanessa Hudgens and Shenae Grimes.


That long flowy dress and bohemian chic look.  I love it! <3This has driven me to create my own signature festival piece using the Sheer Floral Button Down Maxi Dress from DailyLook.
Beautysets - Festival style

Festival style
Daily Look

To add a bit more to the outfit, i thought it would be nice to add a bit of bling and some shades.  Obviously i couldn’t decide on just one pair of shoes or just one handbag so i chose three for each.  They could easily be mixed and matched but still work with each other.I think this outfit would be perfect for a lovely spring afternoon festival, it’s comfortable and can be dressed up or down.  What do you think?  If you’re looking for LBD style inspiration then have a look at DailyLook’s little black dress ideas.  Why not try using the style board to create your very own outfit inspo. Thanks for stopping by…


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